Standing Invite

Standing invitation:  If you want to talk strategy & organisations, I want to talk to you.

With COVID receding into the distance I’ve resumed my habit of meeting people for lunch so – if you’re in Sydney or visiting, feel free to send me a message.

I like strategy & organisational issues. If you write something worth reading, tell me. Again, the worst thing that has ever happened as a result of that is that I just don’t read it. All that cost you was a two-line email.
I like working on things that matter. This is doubly true of software which is relevant to my interests. A non-exclusive list of those would include A/B testing, analytics tools, and software for underserved niches. If you write software, SaaSes, etc that you think I would be interested in, feel free to send me an email. (n.b. Invites/license keys are nice, specific questions you have about the product are even better.)
I like meeting people at conferences. If I am at a conference as a guest or speaker, my explicit goal for being there is to talk to you. I’m easy to spot: tall geeky guy with glasses wearing (90%+ probability) a red track jacket (my trademark after years of being Twilio’s biggest fan) or something Stripe-branded if I’m there for work. Come up and introduce yourself. I have been told that people are afraid to do that because they are under the impression that I am a celebrity. 
I enjoy meeting people in my city. As of August 2023 I live in Chicago, and not in Tokyo. (But if you go there, and you should, I have some recommendations). I don’t know whether it will be sustainable due to the relative number of folks who know of me in Chicago versus Tokyo, but in principle, if you’re up for a coffee somewhere near River North or Fulton Market I very likely am, too.