About This Site

About This Site

This site is a personal portfolio of work from the fields of investing, business, content, management, and consulting. I believe that there are rarely any universally correct answers; almost everything is contextual. The real world is complicated and the vast majority of decisions are various shades of grey.  These “infinite nuances” inspired the name.

My previous blog, 10footinvestor, was merged into this site and that URL now redirects here. For more about that, see The Story So Far. To find old 10footinvestor posts, see the 10foot author archives. For more about me as a person, go here.

None of the content here is paid for or promoted. Where relevant I will disclose any financial interest or relationship I have at the time of publication.

Get in touch:

Say hi anytime, or drop me a line if you’re ever in Sydney – I’ll buy you a coffee.

Email sean@infinitenuance.com, or send a message on Twitter to @10footinvestor. I check email weekly and do my best to respond to every message. Twitter’s the first thing to go when I get busy – so if you don’t get a response there, send a gentle reminder via email.

If you’ve become accustomed to using the old 10footinvestor@gmail.com address, that’s fine – keep emailing me there. I still use that email for all of my investment subscriptions, sharing research, substack, newsletters, and so on.

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