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About Infinite Nuance

Hey, I’m Sean O’Neill.  I’m an investor who realised that working in and on companies was much more rewarding than researching a portfolio of them (although I still do a little of that).

I can be reached at sean@infinitenuance.com.

Who am I? I’m a communications professional with extensive strategic experience that eventually realised this combination was perfect for helping organisations tackle big goals at pace.  Growing up I had a couple of outstanding coaches and I absorbed their love of coaching teams and individuals to do things they never thought possible.

What is Infinite Nuance?
Infinite Nuance is a personal portfolio of work. Creativity needs an outlet and often work is about driving the biggest priority rather than indulging my creative side. I believe everything is contextual, most decisions are shades of grey, and success comes from using the right approach at the right time.

These “infinite nuances” inspired the name.

What’s with the Cliffords?

I like Clifford.

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Say hi anytime, or drop me a line if you’re ever in Sydney – many of my good friends and collaborators are people I first met on the internet.

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