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Welcome to my home on the internet.  I’m Sean and this is a portfolio of my projects.

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Metro Bank: Peak Uncertainty


Halo Technologies IPO: Risky Business


Changing The Shape Of The Playing Field


Xinja’s Pivot


The End of Henry Morgan


Interactive Brokers: A Stock Pitch


How To Conduct A Performance Review


Private Markets Hide All Manner Of Sins


Remote Work: Not As Simple As It Seems


Leadership & Management

If strategy, alignment, and management are a challenge for your organisation, or you need help diligencing the management & operations of an investment/acquisition, I can assist.

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Net Gains

When the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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From the horse’s mouth – colleagues and collaborators.

In eight years in the industry, I’ve never seen anyone put as much effort into hiring and interviewing candidates as Sean. It’s a great experience for candidates to come in and find the interviewer has read their blog or listened to their podcast and is genuinely interested in them as a person.

Emer McCann

Head of Talent & People Operations,
Simply Wall St

Sean is a fearless and compelling writer. His combination of understanding both financial markets and human psychology is rare and valuable.

Matt Joass

Chief Investment Officer,
Maven Funds Management

Sean’s strength is his focus on the few things that matter. When views diverge, he’s able to identify the key variables that drive an investment, and look for leading indicators that are predictive of a desirable outcome. 

Tom Aouad

Associate, Marbruck Ventures

I worked with Sean for over a year & can vouch for his authenticity, attention to detail, and work ethic. He is genuine in his conversations, always digs deep to find out what others usually miss, and has very high standards for published work. He does whatever needs to be done to get a project completed. I was lucky to have worked with him because he’s taught me a lot in these areas that I hope to replicate.

Michael Paige

Analyst, Simply Wall St

After seeing the lengths Sean went to in order help investors in the Henry Morgan saga, I can attest that his moral compass is firmly fixed in the right direction. One of Australia’s white knights.

Sulieman Ravell

Executive Director,
Benjamin Hornigold

Having followed the 10footinvestor, I reached out to Sean for help with my new app. His response has been generous, insightful and productive. He has the rare gift of providing a differentiated opinion without being opinionated. A+ 

Matt Cook

Founder @

Latest Posts

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The End of Henry Morgan

Five years ago, I published a series of reports on a group of “pirate” companies after identifying concerns in public filings. For the first time, here is the full story.

Australian banks & rising rates: Some notes

In the last few years I’ve started looking more and more for possible setups. A[…]

Halo Technologies IPO (ASX:HAL): Some Thoughts On Risk

I recently reviewed the Halo Technologies IPO (ASX:HAL) prospectuses for its planned listing on the[…]

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