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Twice a year I take on special projects for clients that need a gap filled in their business. Here I talk a little bit about my experience and how I can assist.

How I can help you

With broad experience across software & product management, investing & financial content, I can make useful contributions quickly, and build out a process to close the gap permanently.

More About Me

Identify the opportunity, barriers to success, & processes slowing us down. Assist with forming a strategy, aligning the team and preparing it to execute. 


How should this work interact with the rest of the business, what skills and outcomes are required to succeed, and how do we implement these in a useful way.  For technical issues, I work with a firm of trusted developers that can assist with architectural decisions & implementation.


How does this work contribute to the big picture and what is the strategy for how we are going to win with this function?  What does someone stepping into this role need to know to succeed?


Transition out of the role via a smooth handover, ensuring that processes are documented and the inbound hire has all the context & background they need to succeed.

Previous Deliverables

Onboarding & Training

Teach a cohort of new analysts to write code from scratch. Communicate & transmit norms and expectations. Create & implement performance review frameworks.

Later described as the best onboarding our analysts had ever seen; “the second best doesn’t ;even come close”.

Research & Presentation

Collect and present evidence for a listed company shareholder group Takeovers Panel application. Alongside Corrs Chambers Westgarth I assisted the group in presenting a successful application. 

Corrs later hired me as a consultant to conduct analysis on Australian listed companies

Project Management

Take a new product (e.g. algorithmically generated news snippets for a dashboard) from conception to launch, navigating and aligning the various business functions (design, product, content, data & analysis) to the bigger strategy and user story.

Create Technical Solutions

Design and prototype a software app, conduct user research, and source skilled developers to turn the vision into reality.

Balance data and intuition to arrive at an optimal user and commercial experience.

Strategy & Communication

Synthesise and share the company’s strategy and story to align the teams around the bigger picture issues.  Assist with messaging of sensitive topics and forming an internal brand around the way we interact with and treat our team members. 

Leadership & Mentorship

An apolitical, trusted adviser for leaders and managers. Empathetic and non-judgemental communication style.

I subscribe to the nudge theory of management and reliably push, prod, and question when we start to duck the big issues.