The End of Henry Morgan

Five years ago, I published a series of reports on a group of “pirate” companies after identifying concerns in public filings. For the first time, here is the full story.

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Australian banks & rising rates: Some notes

In the last few years I’ve started looking more and more for possible setups. A “setup” is where there are five or six identifiable moving parts that may or may not align but have the potential to create significant value if they do. I’ve written before about setups at CD Projekt Red and and at …

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Halo Technologies IPO (ASX:HAL): Some Thoughts On Risk

I recently reviewed the Halo Technologies IPO (ASX:HAL) prospectuses for its planned listing on the ASX in April 2022. There are several key issues that I’m concerned may deliver suboptimal outcomes for investors. The Setup Halo Technologies provides “online global equities research and trade execution software solution that brings sophisticated institutional-grade analytical frameworks and market …

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Remote Work: Not As Simple As It Seems

I have read many misinformed and poorly conceived views on the remote work / working from home (“WFH”) debate. I tweeted about it a few times and that made me feel better for about five minutes but didn’t really solve my problem.  Framing the debate as “is working in-office better than remote work?” is hopelessly …

Metro Bank: Peak Uncertainty

Metro Bank (LON:MTRO) is undergoing a multi-year turnaround under new CEO Daniel Frumkin. Here’s my take on the work so far, and the chance of success.

Changing the shape of the playing field: Content and the attention economy

The ability to propagate a viewpoint at scale – changing the shape of the playing field – is new in financial markets, and it is a big deal.

Fixed Fee Funds Management: So Insane, It Just Might Work

Fixed fee funds management. A look at why it might – and why it mightn’t -work.

The Rebrandening: 10footinvestor and Infinite Nuance

The 10footinvestor site has changed. Here’s why, & a summary of the journey so far.

Technical CEOs, transitions, and growing organisations

Something I’ve been thinking about for at least five years (and last tried to articulate here) is the transition that happens as a technical founder’s business grows.  Quite often, someone with what I’ll call “technical expertise” starts a business (for the purpose of this article, we will exclude “entrepreneurs” which start with an idea or …

Sezzle’s Precipice

After Xinja’s Pivot,  I’m coining Sezzle’s Precipice to describe a company that stands on the knife edge of catastrophic failure. Whether Sezzle tips over the eponymous precipice or skates along the top before riding off into the sunset is yet to be seen.  (I wrote some preliminary thoughts on the company late last year). After …