Movie reviews?

Movie reviews?

I have a tiny side hobby reviewing movies on Facebook about once a month. I typically try to sum up a movie in a Facebook status, say 100 words or less, in a way that is funny and engaging. I have been doing it for a while and would really like to immortalise my reviews somewhere for my records, so I’m considering finding a little corner of the site I can tuck them away in.

It’s more fun to write about movies since they are designed to be consumed and criticised or applauded. Writing about investing can be a little dry at times, unless you’re mocking companies for their foibles. I don’t mind a spot of ‘company bashing’ but I try to avoid it as I believe it is bad form to piss on the efforts and aspirations of real people, regardless of how poorly they do. (If they’re dishonest, unthinking, or greedy however, all bets are off). Anyway, 10footinvestor could soon become

(I joke; it will still be 99% about investing).

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